Author & Nerd

   Sonya’s a nerd—a cool nerd—who loves science, books, make-up and unicorns. She even has unicorn slippers and unicorn plushes adorn her office. It’s not obsession (or so she says), it’s simply an ode to her imaginative side. Storytelling has been her passion since her youth, but her family believes it's more than that.

    Painting, sketching, carpet-making, lyrics, poetry—artistic endeavors have no limit with Sonya. They may not always come out perfect, but art serves as an outlet, which helps balance out the factual, science-driven part of her brain. 

    Though she's fun-loving, complex-minded, and heart-driven, her philosophy on life is quite simple: Shit happens. Keep going. 

    When asked to elaborate, she said, "Believing in yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do, but look in the mirror. You're still standing. That's strength. Don't underestimate yourself."

    Sonya also believes in fairytales and in the beautiful things a mind can conjure. She’s a firm believer in empowering the crazy fictional ideas, putting them down on paper, and letting them flourish into a story. 


“There’s so much potential in a dream… 

a thought… 

not exploring it seems like such a waste of something absolutely beautiful.”