Complete Knight Series Now Available!

"Mind Twister Like No Other."


She's innocent, naive, and way too trusting. When her junior year of college takes a sudden twist, Lia finds her unnoticed status revoked. She's caught the eye of the Soccer God, her best friend, and a freshman. They are all vying for her heart, and she's not sure who to give her love to.


The closer she gets to finding love, the more Hawk unravles.

His obsession escalates, and he'll stop at nothing to keep Lia.


Who will she choose?

And will he survive her love?

Reading Order:


Book 1: Knights After My Heart


Book 2: Knights Who Stole My Heart


Book 3: Knights Who Broke My Heart


Book 4: Knights Who Won My Heart



Frequently Asked Questions!


Is Hawk done? 

Nope. He'll be back in the Soccer Gods Series. Manipulation can still be done behind bars, as long as you have the right targets. 


Will we get more Lia and her choice? 

Someone is getting married. We'll see to who and how it goes down. The only thing we're at liberty to say is it's a happy time.


Will there ever be a prequel to the Knights?

It's on the list, but the exact date hasn't been announced. Keep a look-out.


Where did Hawk come from?

Villains are Sonya's favorite! Brilliant minds that lead toward the dark side have always freaked her out. She wrote the type of killer that scared her the most.


"To be outsmarted by a killer—a manipulative stalker nonetheless—how awful is that?"